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Thoroughbred Racing Partnerships


Partnership Types

The two types of Partnerships offered are Claiming and Yearling. There are many differences between these Partnerships so you should carefully consider the pros and cons of each before determining which is right for you.


Claiming Thoroughbred Horses

Claiming Partnerships are formed to purchase thoroughbred race horses that are currently running. In claiming races, a price is set and registered owners can purchase any thoroughbred running in the race for this price. For example, if a thoroughbred is entered in a $20,000 claiming race, any registered owner can purchase a thoroughbred running in the race by simply depositing $20,000 (plus tax) in their account and submitting a claim form prior to the race.

This concept may be new to people not actively involved in the game but roughly 80% of all races fall under the claiming category. The goal of claiming is to purchase a thoroughbred race horse at a fair price (based on several factors) and have your trainer improve its conditioning and racing ability. Claiming prices range from $2,500 to $100,000 and as prices would indicate, thoroughbreds racing at lower claiming prices have less ability than thoroughbreds racing at higher claiming prices

Immediate action with thoroughbreds able to run shortly after purchase.Claiming purses are strong and a good claim can provide a solid return on investment.
Usually do not hit a “home run” (Stakes level) with thoroughbreds running at the claiming level. A thoroughbred race horse is racing at this level because it typically doesn’t have the ability to compete at higher levels such as Allowance or Stakes. While a trainer can make substantial improvements and sometimes elevate a thoroughbred to these levels, it will generally stay at the claiming level for the remainder of its career.


Thoroughbred Yearling Partnerships


Yearling Partnerships are formed to purchase yearlings (1 year old thoroughbreds) from sales in the Mid-Atlantic region. Purchasing a yearling ensures all aspects of breaking and training are managed by selected trainers, increasing the likelihood of a thoroughbred performing at a higher level. Yearling prices vary based on the thoroughbred’s breeding and conformation.

Managing a thoroughbred from a young age increases its chances of performing at a higher level and possibly hitting a “home run”.
If the market is right, the option is available to resell the thoroughbred for a gain (pin-hook) as a 2 year old before running a race.
Barring injury, a yearling typically requires 9-12 months of breaking and training before running. Anyone joining a Yearling Partnership must have patience. A well-bred thoroughbred with great conformation does not always equate to a strong runner. While the chances are greatly increased by choosing the right thoroughbred and training from a young age, there is no guarantee how it will perform. Unlike a thoroughbred race horse competing in claiming races that has already proven the level at which it can compete, you won’t know how a young thoroughbred will respond until you get to the races.