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What are the goals of Partnerships?

  • Provide an opportunity to experience the thrill offered by thoroughbred horse racing.
  • Partners enjoy the game while letting the Manager focus on day-to-day operations.
  • Ownership at an affordable cost with reduced risk.

When defining the goals of Partnerships, it is important to understand the dynamics of thoroughbred racing. While the end result is a thoroughbred competing in a breathtaking event, substantial work is required to make this possible.

Comprehensive research is performed prior to acquiring a thoroughbred race horse, regardless of the purchase price. Research includes bloodline analysis (historical information based on pedigree), conformation review (build and soundness of a thoroughbred) and many other factors.
Similar to human athletes, thoroughbreds require a consistent program of feeding, exercise, veterinarian work and a lot of TLC. Behind every successful thoroughbred race horse, there is a dedicated trainer working countless hours caring for and preparing it for the races.
Jockeys have different styles and selecting the right jockey can mean the difference between winning and losing races. Maintaining a good relationship with jockeys and their agents is imperative to secure riding services on a consistent basis.
Race Selection
In any given month there are more than 1,000 races run in Maryland and surrounding States. A major part of being successful in racing is tracking all available races and determining which races best fit a particular thoroughbred. The goal is to enter races where a thoroughbred will be competitive while also finding the most lucrative purses available at that level.

It takes many years of experience to understand the inner-workings of thoroughbred horse racing and successful horsemen must continue the learning process as the industry changes.